The Mathematising Science: Limits and Perspectives II conference takes place at University of East Anglia, June 1-3, 2014.

Updates. The registration is now open! Please take a look at the conference programme as well.


The main theme of the MSLP 2014 conference is mathematisation. We understand mathematisation in two interrelated ways: as the creation of new mathematical objects from originally intuitive objects or problems (e.g. knots, games, colourings) and the mathematical treatment of empirical problems that emerge in science. This conference proposes to examine mathematisation both from the ‘internal’ point of view of pure mathematics, and the ‘external’ point of view of mathematical applications.

Keynote speakers

Elaine Landry (UC Davis)
Jessica Carter (Southern Denmark)
Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
Mark Wilson (Pittsburgh)
Hasok Chang (Cambridge)
Roman Frigg (LSE)

For more details about the topics of the conference see rationale.


  • British Society for the Philosophy of Science
  • Analysis Trust
  • University of East Anglia
  • Mind Association
  • Aristotelian Society
  • Society for Applied Philosophy